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Are you overwhelmed with the idea of the gluten free diet?

In this course we will take you from overwhelmed to confident in 30 days.

When you're new to gluten free you suddenly need to know many new things yet you need to eat, maybe even today!

This course gives you a broad overview of different areas of life. This is how you will figure out what's most important to you right now and what can wait. You'll soon be on your way to creating a gluten free lifestyle you love.

There is no end to amazing resources and online support but it is a huge adjustment. Food is involved in every part of our life, food labelling and manufacturing is complex and everyone starts out with a full and busy life. We're here to help.

What’s Included

HEALTHY ME is an acronym that stands for 9 areas of life. They’re all related and they overlap but it’s a system to help separate the information into categories.

HEALTHY ME stands for:

  • H is for Healing
  • E is for Eating
  • A is for Advocating
  • L is for Lifestyle
  • T is for Travel
  • H is for House Rules
  • Y is for Your Community
  • M is for Medical Team
  • E is for Education

There's also a printable Workbook that includes a personal Action Plan and resource list.

As soon as you purchase the course you will have access to all of this and the 9 video modules.

Depending on the package you purchase one-on-one coaching sessions (a 30-minute call via Zoom) and a cooking class may be included.

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Your Coach - Cinde's Experience

I've been a health educator for more than 25 years and a passionate home cook my entire life. When a friend was diagnosed with celiac disease these two passions came together as I learned what living on a strict gluten free diet for life really meant.

For the past 10 years I've been teaching gluten free cooking classes, volunteering with the Calgary Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association and advocating within the gluten free community. I hear the same challenges and frustrations over and over from people newly diagnosed and even some who have not yet embraced the gluten free lifestyle.

There's no one way and no right way to adjust to a gluten free diet. The HEALTHY ME course is designed to help you, given your unique situation, work through all areas of life. No one would say it's easy but the gluten free community is large and generous. The first year is the most difficult and many people who have been through it are there to support you.

By following the modules in this course and doing the work, you'll be able to go from overwhelm to confident with your decisions to live gluten free. I encourage you to do it in 30 days so you have a solid start. Then you can go back and examine any area you find difficult and keep working on them.

Pricing Options

HEALTHY ME - Basic Course $29.99

Includes: 9 video modules, a Workbook with personal Action Plan and a Resource Guide.

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HEALTHY ME - Premium Course $59.99

Includes: 9 video modules, a Workbook with personal Action Plan and a Resource Guide plus one 30-minute coaching call via Zoom.

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HEALTHY ME - Deluxe Course $129.99

Includes: 9 video modules, a Workbook with personal Action Plan and a Resource Guide plus two 30-minute coaching calls via Zoom and an online cooking class.

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